These fantastic bands and musicians performed, composed, arranged, and edited the soundtrack for our mini series. We’re incredibly grateful. Have a listen!

Episode 1: Nathan Vanderpool & Queen Sacrifice

*Cry Bebe
*Sober Song
*Save Yourselves

(with Teresa Ciuffoletti & Sina Schmidt)

recorded @ Circus Lemke by (nov 2015)

Episode 2: the Saugnäpfels

*icke in Neukülln
*jetzt sei doch nicht so, wie Du aussiehst
*Rare Birds
*inasmuch as

from the albums:

“one day”
“We will come tomorrow trotzdem!”

Episode 3: Joanna Gemma Auguri & the Cold Hand

*Green Water
*The Island

Music by Joanna Gemma Auguri, Felix Classen and Lukas Lonski
Lyrics by Joanna Gemma Auguri

from the “Green Water EP”

The Cold Hand

*Like Flies To God

Music by Joanna Gemma Auguri, Anton Maiof
Lyrics by Joanna Gemma Auguri

from the Album “paperships”

Episode 4: Tru Cargo Service

*harry s. truman
*special teeth profiles shifting*selected characters

recorded @ fincan/neukölln by (nov 2015)

alexander beierbach – tenor saxophone
torsten papenheim – compositions, guitar
berit jung – double bass
karoline körbel – drums

Episode 5 & Titelsong: Sorry Gilberto

*Dear Passengers
*The Masterpiece
*Diary of dirty dresses
*Last Book
*Iove but zero
*Neil Young (on an aeroplane)
*Sweet Song
*Why Afraid

from the albums

“it was the longest day and we didn´t know, how to end it”
“Memory Oh”
“Construction Work & Stormy Weather” // 2012

Episode 6: Air-Cushion-Finish

*Going Home
*Pockets Notempty
*Ohne Titel
*The When Den

from the albums

“Puff Pastry (11/2014)”
“Spree” (05/2014)
“lilli (04/2012)

Episode 7: Die Dilettanten

Die Dilettanten